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Bring us your favorite upholstered furniture that could use a little TLC. We can clean and remove
even the toughest stains.

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Trusted Furniture Cleaning

We give your furniture the personalized care it deserves. That’s why we don’t start any cleaning without first doing our research to make sure we use the proper cleaning method for your item. To determine the best way to clean your furniture, we’ll perform our own tests and may ask you questions about how long you’ve had your furniture, whether it’s been reupholstered, and what types of cleaners you’ve used on it, if any. 

Once we have the best possible understanding of how to care for your piece of furniture, we’ll carefully clean the fabric to remove soiling while avoiding altering the color, finish, or texture. In the end, your upholstered furniture will not only be stain-free but also cleaner and better looking than it did when you brought it in.

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From carpet to hardwood, our professional technicians will clean your floors with precision and care. With affordable prices and a quick installation process, our locally-owned business is ready to provide the purchase or cleaning service you deserve. Check out our Privacy Statement


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