If you’re a homeowner or a renter, you may be curious about the basics of cleaning or upkeep of your tile and grout. If your flooring is tiled, chances are that your routine sweeping and mopping isn’t doing the job. And for those who have tiled walls (ie; showers, tubs, backsplashes, and more), you may need to approach your cleaning technique differently. By not semi-regularly cleaning your tile, dirt and grime can build up. This can cause discoloration, mold or mildew, missing grout, or a foul smell. 

At Springer Floor Care, we’ve professionally cleaned tile and grout for years. Our team has serviced homes all across the Des Moines metro area, so we’ve developed some tips to help you decide if you need your tile and grout professionally cleaned

Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Grout is porous and soaks up anything that comes into contact with it. If you’ve ever spilled a colored liquid, such as tomato sauce or juice, you may have noticed the way it stains the grout. If it’s not cleaned ASAP, the grout can easily soak it up and make it harder to clean in the future.

This also goes for skin oils, as well as household dirt and dust. Anytime you walk barefoot on your tiled floors, the oil from your skin gets into the grout. The same goes for your tiled shower or tub walls! You may think since you use soaps and shampoos it can’t be that dirty. However, soap scum is one of the toughest “stains” to remove from a surface, especially if not cleaned regularly. 

How do you currently clean your tiled floors? With a broom/vac and swiffer? Do you use a wet rag or paper towel to wipe down your tiled walls? These are all great cleaning materials or tools to use for a quick clean! 

For a Deeper Clean

Using proper cleaning materials such as rubber gloves, proper scrub brushes, and a microfiber cloth will ensure you get that tricky grout and tile cleaned well. 

Apply the Right Cleaning Products

Now that you’ve determined which cleaning tools to use, what products do you use? A swiffer wet pad, 409 cleaning solution, or other generic cleaning products are great for disinfectant or surface-level cleaning. Using the proper methods, these chemicals can make a great quick solution when touching up your tile and grout. However, they won’t protect your tile and grout long-term. In fact, some of the cleaning products that give you the best outcome may already be in your pantry.

For a Deeper Clean

At Springer, we utilize professional cleaning products and equipment that go above and beyond what you can get at your normal corner store. Specifically created for tile and grout, we have a wide range of products that we can use depending on your tile or grout cleaning needs and we use a high-pressure and high-heat system to blast the dirt and grime off of tile and grout. Our team members utilize these chemicals and equipment properly and diligently, saving you the extra effort.

Trust the Tile & Grout Cleaning Process With Springer Floor Care

Want to know more about tile and grout cleaning? Let’s chat! The Springer Floor Care team can work with you directly to assess the condition of your tile and grout, and then recommend the best process and products, ensuring a long-standing solution. We understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to clean your tile manually. 

Let the Springer team take care of your tile and grout cleaning needs. Get in touch with us today!