So you’ve just had your carpets cleaned by the amazing crew at Springer Floor Care and your flooring has never looked better—now what? At Springer, we’ll never leave you hanging with any lingering questions about how to properly care for your carpets and floors. 

We have your post-carpet cleaning guide to ensure the process goes smoothly, and to extend the longevity of your clean floors.  

Give Your Carpets Time to Dry

Staying off your damp or wet carpets may be one of the most crucial post-carpet cleaning tips you can follow. Drying times for most professional floor cleaning services can vary from four to 24 hours or more depending on the material, humidity levels, and treatment received. 

Our team at Springer will advise you on how long you should let your carpets dry, so there won’t be any confusion! 

Keep Pets & Kids Off Damp Carpet

Your freshly cleaned—and potentially still damp—carpets are not a place you want pets or kids running around on right away. Aside from the fact that pets and kids are messy, wet carpets can be slippery, which creates a safety hazard for little ones on the move.

Let your flooring fully dry before letting pets and kids loose to play and enjoy your newly cleaned carpets

Circulate the Air In Your Home

Fans and your air conditioning or heating system can help dry your carpets quicker. The air above your carpets is usually high in humidity after cleaning and can benefit from good air circulation. If the weather is cool, turn on your heater to help dry your carpets, and on hot days use air conditioning and a dehumidifier to help create dryer air in your home. 

Most HVAC units have two fan settings: “Auto” and “On”. Use the “On” setting to continually circulate air throughout your home. Ceiling and standing fans are also a big help for air circulation, along with opening up the windows to generate a cross-breeze. 

Wait to Put Furniture Back

Moving heavy furniture back onto your carpets before it is completely dry can dent carpet fibers and transfer stains from furniture finishes. Your flooring specialist can give you an exact time range of when it’s safe to move furniture back into place, but for the most part, it’s recommended to wait about 24 hours.

Vacuum Often

Once your carpets are dry, you should vacuum them thoroughly for best results. This will help pick up any lingering debris and fluff up the carpet fibers. After your initial carpet cleaning, continue to vacuum your floors ar least once or twice a week to prevent dirt from building up and damaging your carpets.

Sign Up for the Forever Kleen Program at Springer

A great way to care for your floors after having them cleaned is to keep them clean on a regular basis! With our Forever Kleen™ program at Springer, you’ll receive quarterly visits at a lower rate to maintain your carpets, and unlimited callbacks for stains and spots whenever they happen. 

The Forever Clean™ program is perfect for homes with kids and pets, people who suffer from allergies, or anyone who wants to maintain their spotless floors after initial cleaning. If you’re ready to kick off a lifetime of clean carpets, reach out today to schedule an appointment!