When in doubt, plush is always better! From mattresses to shoe soles, extra padding can be very beneficial. The same goes for your custom rug. Are you unsure if your rugs could use custom padding? Check out the following benefits and decide for yourself!

Reduced Wear

On their own, your rugs have very little cushion. That means that the fibers of the rug take the brunt of the wear and tear. By adding custom padding to your rugs, you’ll be reducing the amount of wear on your rug itself. That means fewer repairs for your rug and lower cost for you!

 Extended Life

Padding helps prevent wear on your rug, and reducing the wear on your rug helps to extend its life. By adding custom padding to your area rugs, you’ll be protecting them and your wallet. Custom padding is far less expensive than buying a new rug, and you’ll be ensuring a long life for rugs that hold sentimental value.

Plusher Look

Padding adds an extra layer to your area rug, which will help to improve its overall appearance. The extra padding gives your relatively thin area rugs a fuller, plusher look.

 Secure Placement

We’ve all done it before—you’re walking innocently across your rug when it suddenly shifts and sends you sliding. Carpet padding helps to secure your rug’s place on the floor. The added traction will keep your rug—and you—from slipping.

 Deeper Clean

One thing that makes area rugs particularly tricky to clean is their tight weaves. Without padding, the body of the rug sits too tightly to the floor to allow proper airflow. Custom padding allows the rug to sit up off of the floor and makes deep cleaning far more effective.

 Peppier Step

Most importantly, carpet padding gives an extra layer of cushion for your feet. Forget about the benefits for the rug; your toes will surely thank you for the cushy surface.

 Your rugs are an essential part of your home’s design, cos care for them accordingly. From custom padding to area rug cleaning, the professionals at Springer Professional Home Services have everything you need to keep your rugs looking brand new. Contact Springer today to find out how you can protect your home’s flooring.

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