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Privacy Statement

Without boring you with a bunch of technical “mumbo jumbo” Springer Floor Care does NOT collect any information on our website to sell or use against you. Many of our current and future customers are friends and neighbors and we certainly do not want to violate your trust with us. So because of that we have chose to collect ZERO info from you unless you contact us and ask us to do so.

Our site does utilize cookies for functions that keep you from seeing some of the same content over and over but we do not record any information with this.

That said, feel free to browse our site as we are a Privacy Safe Zone.

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From carpet to hardwood, our professional technicians will clean your floors with precision and care. With affordable prices and a quick installation process, our locally-owned business is ready to provide the purchase or cleaning service you deserve. Check out our Privacy Statement


M-F: 8AM - 5PM

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