You’ve picked out the pile, the style, and the color, now it’s time to get the new flooring into your home. While your role is comparatively small in the carpet installation process, there are a few things you need to know about preparing for it. Here’s how you can prepare your home for carpet installation.

Clear the Room

Requirements will vary by company, but in most cases, you’ll need to at least partially clear the room for installation. Your carpet installer may handle larger items like beds, couches, and other furniture pieces, so find out the specifics from your supplier before the day of the install. It’s wise to move any valuable, fragile, or delicate items before the installers come. This way, you’ll be certain that they are handled in a careful manner and won’t need to be repaired or replaced after the installation. Remember as you are clearing items out of the room that you’ll need to store them in an area that’s completely out of the way for the installers. This means that hallways and foyers shouldn’t become temporary storage units. If necessary, be sure that your installation contract also includes old flooring removal; otherwise, you’ll be responsible for that as well.

Clean It Up

Once the room is cleared of all items you are responsible for, take time to vacuum or sweep the floor. Regardless of the type of flooring you’ll be replacing, it’s helpful to have the area clean before installation. The process of removing carpet can cause whatever dust, dirt, and allergens are lurking to be dispersed into the air; so, removing these ahead of time will help to keep your home clean and your air clear. Sweeping up debris on hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring will help prevent the mess from being tracked throughout your home during installation.

Remove the Molding

While most installers don’t require that you remove your baseboards before installation, this is a good time to take them off and clean them up. Removing the molding will ensure that it isn’t damaged during installation, and it provides the perfect opportunity for you to wipe the boards down, touch up the paint, and repair any dents or dings.

Create a Workspace

The installers may need an area to keep their tools and supplies, so it’s helpful to prepare a place for them ahead of time. Clear out an area in your garage or in a nearby room so that the crew has a place to put their gear while installing your flooring. The closer this area is to the installation room, the less they’ll be walking through your home and the faster the process will go.

Make a Path

Finally, it’s important to create a clear pathway for the crew to follow during the installation. Your carpeting will come in a large roll, so keep that in mind when planning out their route through your home. Sharp corners, narrow doors, and awkwardly shaped hallways can make the delivery process cumbersome and unnecessarily difficult, so plan accordingly. If you haven’t already, clear away anything that could be damaged while the team is making their way to the installation site. This includes taking down art and picture frames from the walls, removing low-hanging light fixtures or sconces, and clearing walkways of any furniture. The easier it is for the team to navigate your house, the more efficiently they’ll be able to work—without harming anything in your home.

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