Whether it’s an heirloom you’ve received from your great-grandmother or a gorgeous piece you picked out yourself, an area rug can be a valuable addition to your home. Some wear and tear is inevitable, but don’t subject your area rug to more harm than necessary. Here are a few ways to protect your rugs from damage.


It may not seem like a big deal, but the weight of your furniture can cause serious harm to the fragile fibers in your area rug. While you may not be able to keep everything off of your rug, be sure to add a high quality pad underneath to help keep its shape and prevent stretching. Use furniture caps on the legs of heavy furniture, and never slide furniture across your area rug. Rotate your rug every six months to vary the areas under pressure.


Stains are particularly deadly to area rugs. Traditional carpet cleaning agents can worsen the problem or ruin the integrity of your rug. To prevent stains, never eat or drink over your rug, and try to minimize other risky traffic. If your rug does incur a stain, address it immediately. Use a damp, clean cloth to soak it up; if necessary, use baby shampoo to further extract it. Then, elevate the affected area so it can dry all the way through.


The natural fibers in your area rug are particularly susceptible to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Left unprotected, your rug can significantly fade from sun exposure. To prevent damage, install UV window film or use your drapes or blinds to prevent the sun from shining directly on your rug.


Aside from the harmful traction, shoes carry dirt and mud, which can be difficult to remove from your area rug. To prevent shoe-related damage, never wear shoes while on your rug—especially high heels, which can puncture the rug’s surface.


If your rug is in use, regular cleaning should prevent moth damage. If your area rug is in storage, be sure to use mothballs and replace them every six months. Cedar-lined trunks or closets can also be effective for protecting your area rug while in storage.


Fido and Fluffy may look sweet and innocent, but they can do serious damage to your area rugs. Regularly vacuum your rugs to prevent animal hair and dander from embedding in the fibers. If your pet has an accident on a rug, treat it as you would any other stain, following the procedure described above.


Unlike the synthetic fibers in your carpet, the natural fibers in your area rug cannot withstand the harsh chemicals found in many traditional household cleaners. You may be able to rent an at-home carpet cleaner for your wall-to-wall carpet, but don’t use this on your area rugs! If your rug needs cleaning, contact a professional carpet cleaner who has experience with area rugs.

If your area rug needs some love, look no further than Springer! Contact us today for repair, cleaning, and custom rug padding. Your area rug will thank you!