Your floors are among the most heavily used features of your home. Without proper care, your area rugs and carpet can become ragged, worn, and stained. It may be tempting to neglect care for your carpet and rugs, but doing so will lead to a shortened lifespan and deteriorating appearance. To keep your flooring in good condition, follow this simple cleaning regimen.

Vacuum Often

Running your vacuum is one of the primary ways you can combat carpet and area rug damage. Vacuuming keeps dirt, dust, and other stain-causing substances from settling into the fibers of your area rugs and carpet. Vacuum your whole home at least weekly. For areas with high traffic, vacuuming more often can help prevent wear and tear. Be sure to adjust the height setting to accommodate the various lengths of fibers throughout your home. If you are a pet owner or you have small children, vacuuming daily can help to keep staining and soiling at bay.

Spot Treat Immediately

Untreated spills are the enemy of carpet and area rugs. The longer stains have to sit, the more they will penetrate into the fibers of your flooring. For wet spills, first use a clean, dry towel to soak up the excess moisture. Then use a specialized carpet cleaning spray or a simple vinegar and water solution to treat the remaining stain. Never use bleach on your carpet as it can interact unpredictably with dyes. If you are having trouble getting the stain out, you may want to contact a professional carpet cleaner. Trained experts can identify and treat your carpet with a specialized system.

Professional Clean Yearly

There are a number of different ways to protect your area rugs and carpet from damage. One of those ways is to schedule regular, professional cleanings. Professional cleanings are an excellent way to extend the life of your carpet and rugs. Even though your floor may not have any specific stains, the overall condition of your carpet will benefit from a professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning will

  • Remove dust and allergens
  • Freshen the carpet’s smell
  • Ease carpet maintenance
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Restore carpet’s appearance

If you have a carpet warranty, be sure to follow its specific guidelines so you can continue to take advantage of the warranty and its services.

For expert rug and carpet cleaning in the Des Moines area, choose Springer Professional Home Services. Springer’s specialized approach to carpet cleaning will leave your flooring looking brand new. The preventive care from Springer can aid in extending the life of your area rugs and carpet. Give us a call today!