After a snowy and cold Iowa winter, spring is always such a welcome relief. But, if you’re someone with seasonal allergies, spring can also be a miserable time of year for your sinuses. Between pollen, dust, dirt, and other seasonal changes, allergy season can be a struggle. 

When spring hits, those affected by allergies may try to hide from them inside without realizing their home could be part of the problem. Dirty carpets can actually worsen your allergy symptoms, but the solution is simple: have your carpets professionally cleaned (and here’s what to expect when you do!).  

Removes Allergens

Pollen and allergens will inevitably make their way into your home. If you have carpets, these allergens can make their way into the fibers of your flooring and take up residence there. 

Common allergens like dander, dust mites, mold, dirt, pollen, and bacteria are often hiding in carpets. And if you have kids or pets, these allergens are even more likely to be picked up and spread throughout your home. 

Regular vacuuming can help by removing surface dirt and dust, but it doesn’t remove allergens that are buried deep into your carpet fibers. A traditional carpet cleaning is the only way to give your floors the deepest clean to remove hidden allergens. 

Improves Air Quality

Once you’ve removed allergens from your carpet with professional cleaning, the air quality in your home will drastically improve. If your carpets are dirty and haven’t been cleaned in a while, allergens and dust can circulate through the air. But, after they’ve been cleaned by the team at Springer, your home will have fresh air to help reduce the effects of allergies.  

Even if you use an air filter and vacuum regularly, only professional cleaning can effectively remove allergens and debris to improve the overall air quality of your home. 

Reduces Mold and Bacteria

If you have kids or pets, or high-traffic areas in your home, the odds are that your carpets are harboring a lot of bacteria and probably even mold. Moisture gets trapped in the carpet fibers with dirt, food, and spilled drinks. This moisture will accumulate over time and result in carpets you wouldn’t want your kids playing on. 

The only way to remove potential mold from your carpets and create a safe environment for you and your family is by having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. With our Forever Kleen program at Springer, you can get quarterly carpet cleanings to ensure regular removal of mold spores and bacteria for a healthier home and fewer allergy symptoms.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned by Springer

At Springer, we aim to make your home an oasis. And while we can’t stop seasonal allergies from happening, we can help relieve some of your symptoms by removing hidden allergens from your carpets with a professional cleaning. Call Springer today to schedule your cleaning before the flowers start to bloom and spring is in full swing!