When your area rug starts to look dirty and dingy, you may consider renting a floor cleaner or buying rug cleaner from the store to remove stains and spills. And while it might seem like the more cost-effective option, having your area rug professionally cleaned is always the best way to go.

Nicer area rugs should be handled with care to maintain your investment and the health of your home. Here are a few more reasons you should have your area rugs professionally cleaned.   

It Prolongs the Life of Your Rug

Professional area rug cleaning removes accumulated dirt and grime, lifts stains, and preserves the overall quality and appearance of your area rugs for years to come. Dirt can damage your rug fibers over time, making your rug look shabby and feel less cozy and comfortable. 

Professional area rug cleaning prevents fraying from dirt buildup and keeps your area rugs from looking matted and dingy.  

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Maintains the Colors

A vibrant, patterned area rug can often be the focal point of your living or bedroom. In order to keep the colors bright, professional rug cleaning is often required. When you have your area rug professionally cleaned, you can be certain that the colors will be cared for and maintained with the right treatments to make them brighter. 

If you try to clean your area rugs yourself, you run the risk of damaging the colors with chemical residue—so leave it to the professionals! 

It Improves Your Home’s Hygiene

Bacteria and dirt can accumulate in your area rugs over time, and while the issue may not be visible, food particles, pet dander, and more can hide inside the fibers of your rugs and create an unhealthy environment. These hidden issues can trigger allergens and cause long-term health problems.

This buildup of bacteria can also affect the air quality in your home if not addressed, so for the health and safety of your family, professional area rug cleaning is a must.

It’s Safer to Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned

For area rugs that are made from hard-to-clean materials, like wool, you should always leave the cleaning to a professional. If you attempt to clean your area rug on your own, you run the risk of damaging it without the proper cleaning supplies and machines. 

At Springer, we have one of the best area rug cleaning facilities in the area, and our staff is well-versed in all rug material types for a safe and effective clean.  

Area Rug Cleaning Is More Affordable Than You May Think!

If you’ve invested a decent amount of money into your area rug(s), you’ll want to protect them! At Springer, our mantra is that we have “no tricks, no add-ons” so you always know that the prices we advertise are the prices you’ll get. We strive to ensure everyone has the luxury of clean floors and rugs, and our prices reflect that at Springer. 

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